I have been practicing Yoga since 1999, having first learnt from Sue Somerset Larsson in Alton, who is still a good friend. After only a few classes I was intrigued and hooked. I dipped in & out of it as family, work & life took priority. Having let it slip and become unwell, I now choose to give my yoga practice a much better priority and feel it is as fundamental to looking after oneself as what we might unwittingly give a greater priority to – eating, drinking, sleeping, washing and working. It is a whole practice of being kind to and nourishing one’s body, mind and spirit. Why would we not do it?! It is about ‘being’ not just ‘doing’. The hard part is listening to what our intuition (teaching from within) is telling us and taking note. That is yoga. Being awake and aware and enjoying life.

I am now a complete enthusiast of the whole practice of yoga and the many facets of the ancient tradition and wisdoms that can be relevant and helpful at different times and I love learning, sharing and teaching it. It is complimentary to other ways of looking after ourself and enjoying life. I personally also enjoy my family and friends, being out in nature, sailing, skiing, tennis, swimming, walking, gardening, music, reading, cooking and creative activities. Being connected to all the elements – space, air, fire, water and the earth.

I have a degree in Biological Sciences and a PGCE Teaching Certificate. I started the 3 year Yoga training with the Inner Yoga Trust in 2012, and graduated in 2015 with Jenny Beeken and other wonderful teachers: Chris Wyeth, Lesley Charters, Pauline Sawyer, Gary Carter, Simon Barkworth , Sarah Waterfield for Vedic Chanting and recently on zoom, classes with Sandra Sabatini & Michal Havkin in Italy. I also learnt a lot from and shared the journey with my fellow students, most of whom are now teaching and it is a constant renewal of enthusiasm to share our knowledge and evolving understanding.

The Foundation Year introduced us to anatomy, physiology, asana (postures), breathing (Pranayama), meditation and the ancient philosophies. Years 2 and 3 cyclically expanded our understanding of all the aspects of Yoga and included the ancient texts and Vedic chanting in the old Sanskrit language, by learning on residential weekends and summer school weeks. It was a 500 hour Course which actually included so much more than the formal hours of tuition. Personal practice is fundamental, is ongoing and is constantly interesting and exciting.

I have enjoyed many CPD hours on both in person and online courses since finishing my formal training. 

The learning really begins when one starts to teach others. I have been teaching yoga for over 6 years now and really enjoy introducing Yoga to people and sharing the many benefits that it can bring. I feel I am a facilitator and guide as much as a ‘teacher’ and instructor. Only you can move and transform yourself, when you are open and ready.

I teach daytime and evening classes on Zoom, in person and private 1:1s & small groups. My classes include a mixture of asana ( postures/poses/gestures to keep the physical body flexible, strong, adaptable and functioning well), breath awareness (pranayama), mindfulness and relaxation. I introduce other aspects such as the philosophies, chanting and meditation according to those present.

I went to Kerala in SW India in 2013 and October 2018. I really enjoyed feeling the positive energy of the country and people, seeing the vibrant colours, hearing the cacophony of sounds, being in wild nature and witnessing ancient traditions. We learnt from local indian yoga teachers as well as Jenny who led our latest trip. 

‘Yoga’ is a Sanskrit word which can roughly translate to ‘union’ or ‘yoking/joining’. It is becoming aware of the connectedness and wholeness of ourselves and everything around us. It is a gentle but strong and empowering practice of awakening, blending and nourishing the different aspects of ourself (our physical body, our mind, our soul/spirit). We are energy. A unique ever-changing blend of different vibrations of energy. 

When we are ready,  it goes wider in awakening us to become aware of the parts of our own self, ourselves with others, the world we all share,  the planets, universe & beyond. 

I enjoy seeing the seasons change, adapting my own practice and teaching with the seasons. Nature is all around us, it is there to be observed, enjoyed and respected. We are interdependent. I particularly like teaching outdoors whenever the location and weather are conducive to it!

I really welcome feedback from those I teach – what they enjoy, what they need, would like to do more of or less of, how it affects them and any ideas or suggestions for classes.

I would like to thank all my teachers and students for their support of my journey so far and the privilege of teaching and learning.