Posture Sequences

Surya namaskar - Sun Salutation.
Honouring the sun.
Opening the body to circulate the energy around it.

Scroll through the 12 postures in this Basic Sun Salutation sequence,

Front View

Sun Salutation Side View

Sun Salutation (unguided)

Sun Salutation Right Foot Leading (Guided)

Sun Salutation Left Foot Leading (Guided)

Saluting the Sun on the beach in Antigua. Feb 2020

Chandra namaskar - Moon salutation postures sequence

Honouring the gentle reflective energy of the moon in its phases, as we see it from earth:

full moon,
waning gibbous,
half moon,
waning crescent,
new moon
and mirroring back through waxing crescent, half moon, goddess, waxing gibbous to a full moon.

Repeat going the other way:)

Dancing Warrior sequence

Practice slowly at your own pace and adapt/vary/modify as you like!

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