“Sue’s enthusiasm and personality make the class a highlight of the week for me.” CW

“After the class, I feel calm, refreshed and positive.” SM

“After a class, I feel calm, relaxed and happy. I love going outside in the sun and feeling the grass under my feet.” VP

“I feel relaxed and energised after a session and have more focus.” KS

“I love it when Sue chants – amazing”. VP

“I enjoy the variation of poses taught and information given throughout the class. It gives me a better understanding of yoga and how it is helping my body.” KS

“Having suffered with lower back pain for a while, I have noticed a vast improvement since taking part in Sue’s yoga sessions.” KS

“After a class, I feel relaxed following a good work out and stretch. The benefits continue to the following day.” CK

“I like the clear explanations of the postures and Sue’s friendly approach.” CK

“Having attended Sue’s classes for only a few weeks, her teaching style has enabled me to learn and understand much more easily & effectively than in previous classes.” CK

“After the class I feel very relaxed and I always sleep better afterwards. It also puts me in tune with my body.” CW

“I like all the poses and enjoy sequences such as ‘Sun Salutation’. The warrior poses make me feel more energised. tYou do not realise you are doing more than you think and improving all the time.” CW

“I felt energised and serene after the class. “ EB

“I like the sequence of moves without a break that bring you to a glow and the explanation of the moves and feeling how the body works.” EB

“I feel relaxed, centred, peaceful and stretched.” LP

“I like the teaching aids (books, skeleton, models), the verbal explanations of the poses we do, the science of it……and the restorative sleep at the end!” LP

“After the class, I feel relaxed and ready to start the week.”

“Sue is friendly and helpful. She provides a differentiated approach, so that all students can challenge themselves. I like the fact that we do different asanas week by week and develop some if those over time. I like to feel that I improve my flexibility, so I really value having a range of ways of doing each position to enable me to do that.”

“After the class this week I felt very calm and peaceful, and my whole body felt as it if had been stretched and worked. I like the way you ask us to think about the effects of gravity and the way we are able to experiment with slightly different variations on the poses. Your teaching feels very inclusive, gentle and caring. I am very grateful for the classes. “ CS

“A huge ‘thank you’ from me for all that you do. The only downside is that the time in class goes so quickly!”

“As a novice to yoga, I was not sure what to expect, yet Sue was excellent. She immediately recognised my requirements, appreciated my back injury, whilst putting me at my ease, and managed the class of a dozen without fair or favour, kept a careful watch over all her charges to ensure the stretch and movement was correct and appropriate for each person in a quiet and delicate, empowering fashion.” AS

“The nature of stretches and poses were excellent, a full body stretch, calling on long forgotten muscles to wake up and respond. A good full body exercise, a thorough stretch but never so taxing to make it unpleasant or break the relaxing and mindful experience I enjoyed. I came away energised, exercised yet strangely relaxed and peaceful.” AS

“I would definitely recommend the class. It is suited to all ability levels and the group is a friendly one. Sue guides and supports us and we don’t feel that we are being ‘instructed’ to move in a certain way or to stretch too far. Classes are full of humour but not ill disciplined.” SM

“Coming to yoga classes has really helped with managing my anxiety levels. I get to exercise properly but still feel relaxed and informal.” MS

“From the first lesson I had with Sue, I knew I had found the perfect teacher. Was hooked. Sue is enthusiastic, thorough and I love the pictures she paints when explaining various poses. Brings them to life. She also explains the background of them, their benefits and more. She makes yoga fun and worthwhile.” LD

“I remember one of my first sessions with Sue, it was held outside, I was attempting tree pose but as I was looking ahead at a tree, I had a feeling that washed over me – I can only explain it as ‘I got it’. A eureka moment perhaps. I knew that yoga was for me. “ LD

“Sue is always enthusiastic and after attending a lesson I feel so much better physically and mentally. A brilliant start to the week.” LD

“Sue is enthusiastic, empathetic and so positive with a wonderful sense of humour, a brilliant teacher. She simply cares. Is passionate about yoga and cares about her yogis.” LD

“I felt refreshed, calm, relaxed, and joyful.” CG

“I would absolutely recommend the class. Sue has such a depth of knowledge, yet she shares this in a clear and uncomplicated way. Her classes are fun yet deeply rooted in the traditions of yoga.” CG

“I love how Sue goes into such depth with regards to alignment in each posture. As a trainee yoga teacher myself, I am learning so much and exploring the postures in different ways. She is enhancing my knowledge both as a student and a teacher.” CG

“I am very grateful to have found Sue and look forward to her class every week.” CG

“I like Sue’s approach because there’s no pressure to be ‘better’ than you are at yoga and she does help me when I don’t have optimal position etc. I definitely feel more relaxed after a class and a sense of achievement. I am always glad that I have done it. It is better to go every week but sometimes I can’t and do notice when I havn’t been able to go for a while!” SH

“You are valued by me, even though it isn’t always what I feel I want to do on a Monday, I am always glad that I have been! Your care and attention is noticed and much appreciated.”

“I have recently discovered Sue’s class, recommended by a friend and it is perfect for me. Sue has a friendly, kind and enthusiastic personality and is encouraging and non-judgemental.”

She explains the ideas and philosophy behind the poses in clear and amusing ways and the class is a good balance of work, discovery and relaxation. Highly recommended.” AM

“After the class I feel very relaxed, a lot less tense. I feel it helps me with my wellbeing. I would definitely recommend Sue’s classes. I like the equality. I do not feel intimidated or that I have to keep up with others. I love the quiet strength of yoga. I feel it is showing me to slow down from my normal fast pace. Thank you.” BR

“I love Sue’s classes because they are a whole mind/body experience. I feel energised, centred and focused. It is so important in our busy lives to reconnect with ourselves, to treat our body and mind with respect. After a time of practising yoga, I have found that I look at life more calmly.” GK